Now and then, Kiln Fiend Pottery will be open to commissions. Commissions are custom work that is tailored precisely to the client’s vision, and is a true collaboration between artist and customer. Pricing for commissions varies by the scope and detail of the project, but will generally start at $150.

Commissions will require a 50% deposit, and is non-negotiable.

Creating work to raise awareness and resources for charity is a core value of Kiln Fiend Pottery, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you have a special project in mind.

Please email for inquiries, and keep an eye out for announcements for openings on our social media platforms.



Commission Gallery


Working on a commemorative cat mug

  Blathers Mug

Blathers Mug

   The G.O.A.T goat mug

 The G.O.A.T mug

 Magic the Gathering Delft Style Land Station

Back view of the land station set: Swamp, Island and Plains.

Back view of the land station: Forest, Mountains and Plains

Magic the Gathering Delft Blue Land Station


Pink flame owl teapot

Pink Owl Teapot


Rowlet teapot

Rowlet Teapot


BB8 Trinket Box

BB8 Trinket Box